Tourmalated Quartz Polished Point

Tourmalated Quartz Polished Point

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Tourmalated Quartz

This excellent Tourmalinated Quartz Polished Point is filled with straight tourmaline needles and makes a beautiful addition to any space.

It is believed that Tourmaline purifies ones own energies and protects from negativity, while Quartz amplifies energies and consciousness.  This combination makes Tourmalinated Quartz a powerful shield-stone balancing yin/yang energies.

Tourmalinated quartz is believed to be very detoxifying and healing. The quartz brings clarity, while the tourmaline protects and grounds us.

Unusual and beautifully formed, this tourmalinated quartz polished point is a rare specimen that's perfect for crystal healing or meditation work.  Due to the natural nature of the product some imperfections may occur on the surfaces of the piece.


Height: 5.7x3cm

Weight: 61g

Crystals are a beautiful gift from nature and as such no two crystals will ever be the same.
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