Psychic Development Course Beginners

Psychic Development Course Beginners

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Hey Sweet Pea! 

Is the call to step into your spirituality becoming overwhelming? seeing a lot of signs around you calling you to develop your spiritual gifts?

Then this is honestly perfect for you. Both Beginners and those who are familiar with their gifts will also benefit from this course.

This is a personal one on one course designed for each student. Everyone works differently so it's my job to change the course depending on your needs.

There is no pressure with this course. YOU chose when you want to learn! Life is too busy and chaotic so I wish to ease that by being flexible when you're wanting to learn.

The course is about 6 sessions face to face or through Skype (recommendation is in person) Depending on the progress that is shown with the student the session may vary, for example. If you blast through the course you may finish within 4 sessions. Let's say that it's taking longer than expected and you may need 8,12 or even 15 sessions. I don't give up on you until I think you are ready/finished.

inside the course we cover:

Meditation and what resonates with you the best
Psychic protection both in readings and day to day life
How to set up your spiritual radar so you are able to fine-tune your frequency to be able to talk to the other side
Learn how to attune oracle cards
Learn how to read for yourself and for others
Learn energy healing for yourself and for others
How to clear the room for reading and homework purposes
How to connect to your guides

You also get 24/7 help with homework related questions