Danburite Speciman

Danburite Speciman

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Danburite is a heart chakra stone that relieves emotional pains and helps you accept yourself and others. When you work with the energies of this stone, you are also allowing your own light to shine! Danburite is pure love energy that will fill you with peace and serenity. It also works with your third eye and crown chakra.

Birthstone: Leo

Chakra Alignment: Heart and Crown; Third Eye

Element: None

Origin of Name & Mythology: From the type locality at Danbury, Connecticut, USA.

All colours, but particularly pink, stimulate Heart energy and can create a connection between the Heart, Third Eye, Crown and Higher Crown Chakras, promoting deep change spiritually, and helping us to leave the past behind, both emotionally and on a karmic level. It can also promote love of self. Danburite shines with a bright clear light, believed to originate from the Higher Dimensions, creating a link with the Angelic Realms. It is a strong healer and detoxifier, has a mood-lifting effect, and is sometimes associated with passion and libido.


Height: 3.1x3.6cm

Weight: 18g

Crystals are a beautiful gift from nature and as such no two crystals will ever be the same.
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