Arinthia || Soy Melts

Arinthia || Soy Melts

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FINALLY, melts that does your spiritual cleanses for you!

Say goodbye to smoke and sage for good! 

Arithina (Jared Bennett’s personal spiritual guide) is embodied with love and charm into a simple yet powerful soy melt. 

Allow the aroma to embrace, soothe, cleanse, alleviate stress and charge both you and any area you find yourself in. 

Perfect for those who follow a spiritual path to use in their day to day practice and study or for complete beginners to the spiritual world.

With deep grounding spiritual essential oils such as frankincense, myrrh, clary sage and rosemary with uplifting essential oils of peppermint, pine and ylang ylang to aid in the energy cleanse process to leave you charged, refreshed and protected. 

Sit back and relax as this soy melt is your one-stop shop to an easy and carefree spiritual path ahead. 

Net weight - 50 grams 

Handmade so imperfections may accrue