Healing subscription is perfect for those who want to say on top of their spiritual needs and wants. With 2 healing session available per month that is open to your friends and family.

So if you don't feel the need for one you can pass it onto another person you know who is in need.

Who can benefit from this?

Anyone! Many people carry around unhelpful energetic burdens (such as anger or fear) which can be alleviated by healing. Usually people with long-term mental and physical health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar states, backache, arthritis, cancer, ME, those ‘low in energy’ or generally feeling ‘out of sorts’

What do people experience during healing?

Many sensations, best described as ‘flow of energy’:

• Warmth (from the healer’s hands or an overall comforting type)

• Cold

• Tingling

• Other sensations (e.g. of movement, touch, pain coming to the surface)

Effects of healing: Not always specific but often very important to the life of the patient. e.g.

• Reduced pain

• Deepening inner peace / Lightening of burden

• Alleviation of physical symptoms

• Sense of connectedness with the Universe

• Increased vitality

A spiritual healing consists:

- Aura cleanse and charge

- Chakra cleanse and charge

- Energetic Protection (Psychic Protection)

- Singing Bowl Cleanse and charge (Sound Therapy)

 Monthly Cost is $99.00 Save $211.50 if booked separately!


Time for feel great and balanced!

If you wish to Join this subscription please follow this link:

Healing Subscription Link