Free spiritual development

A Warm Welcome.

Welcome to a safe and secure space for those who are wishing to go a little further into their spirituality. I will be sharing some minor tips and tricks about meditations, readings, protections and more.


Jared Bennetts Personal Meditations

When teaching, Jared shares certain guided meditations to his students to help them develop their gift and keep them grounded and clear. Below are some of Jareds go to meditations that he uses in both professional and private sessions.


Guided meditation to ground

Grounding is a massive key to being in tune with energy and spirit, this is one of the first meditations that Jared uses when teaching his students.


Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection is again a very big key when wanting to delve into the spiritual world. Think of this as your armour when first venturing out into the unknown. Jared takes psychic protection very seriously and he aims to find which modality fits each one of his students. Below is a guide he uses for those who have trouble when first connecting in with this energy.





Cleansing Your Chakras 

Your chakras play another important role when you are wanting to connect further into spirituality. Its important to make sure our own energies are clear and cleansed to be able to channel precise and clear information.


 For now this will help kick start your journey. We will post more free information at a later date .

Sending love and light 

-JB team & Jared Bennett