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A warm and loving welcome to you.

I am Jared Bennett. Psychic medium, spiritual healer & teacher. A Hamilton based psychic medium in New Zealand. Starting at the age of 18 I have dedicated to making this amazing spiritual path as my life purpose. from a young age, I have always been sensitive to energies, people, and noises. I would make out of the world comments coming from someone who is 3-5 years old stating "I love you so much, Life is my best friend" and getting extremely upset by having one of my first haircuts stating "how dare you to cut my hair off, I have had this for hundreds of years!" my mother, of course, thought something is coming through from a past life that I'm still channeling in this life. I would experience very vivid dreams that would later come true like the tornado that hit Cambridge New Zealand.

I would read people during school lunches and morning teas not fully understanding at that time I was reading I thought I was just having fun! But here we are now after a lot of hard work and dedication.
I offer a unique way to do readings that are not normally done by normal psychics, this creates a personalized reading/healing for every client I see, I make sure to make my sessions with clients as warm and welcoming as possible and to have a good laugh. I use a combination of divination tools such as cards, pendulums, crystals but mainly myself.
Spiritual Healings such as Reiki are also offered that allow you to fully declutter your energy system and help reset it back to normality in a loving and safe environment.

After losing a close friend of mine I have made an importance to try to focus on the Mediumship part of what I offer to clients as hearing from a loved one can be one of the most needed things for clients to truly heal within.
I warmly invite you to stay and get in contact with me either by commenting on my posts or to send a loving message. I send off this story with love and light to whoever is reading this. May you be blessed in your future endeavors.
We have now just opened an online store selling crystals and other amazing spiritual gift ware so do check it out!

-Jared Bennett