Oracle card course is almost here!

Have you been wanting to go more in-depth with your personal readings?
Have you been stuck or feel lost when the results from your own reading don't make sense?
Did you want to just flip one card out and always have the correct answer every time?
If the answer is "YES oh my goodness!" then this is perfect for you.
Its time to take the next step in your spiritual path and take a dedicated course with your oracle cards. At the end of this course, you will feel more confident and more in tune with your cards than ever before. Learn Jared's personal tips and tricks that he uses for his one on one sessions with clients.
Learn how to:
Reset and rebalance/charge your cards
Attune yourself and build a trusting connection and relationship with your amazing deck
Pull the right card no matter what
Certain spreads that Jared uses in his private one on one sessions
How to correctly ask the cards certain question
Build a stronger connection with Spirit
This course will be done over the app/website "Zoom". You must have an account if you wish to purchase this course.
Your own oracle card deck
An open heart and mind
Time and Date:
3 of May 2020 at 2 pm
Cost: $25
Spirit has been calling.... are you going to listen and take the call?